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True Gravitee®

A Golfing Exploration of Innovation, Change and Leadership for Personal and Organizational Learning

Unleash the power of your potential A True Gravitee® golf outing combines the great game of Golf, with the spirit of adventure, adds the element of contemplation with a business's ongoing challenge to develop its leadership function or a social organization's need to provide a high quality networking experience for its members? If golf is a part of your corporate culture and you are looking for something new and different that adds the value of learning to a corporate golf outing, then this customizable event may be of interest to you.

True Gravitee® is based on these premises:

  • Golf is a simple and complex game, that requires physical and mental focus. Feedback is immediate and risk/reward is an ongoing strategy.
  • Golf is a form of play. Play is a process that can shift the mind to reframe "work" scenarios in different perspectives.
  • Golf has the potential to be a reflective exercise that can lead to deeper insights through dialogue among colleagues. Non-golfers can participate in this dialogue.
  • Golf can be a contemplative experience. A self guided reflective/meditative experience rich with possibilities for learning.
  • Golf is a game of traditions, values, rituals and affection; a metaphor for life and for business.
  • Golf is a learning tool, about self, team, organizations, and life. It is a true test of our sense of self.

Michael Murphy's classic "Golf in the Kingdom" is the main source of inspiration for the development of the True Gravitee program. The idea of "True Gravity" as it is presented in Murphy's work becomes the metaphor for the perpetual challenge of seeking an alignment of vision, values and actions, personally or professionally. The challenge of using the full self to realize a greater joy in any process, be it golf or life. True Gravitee golf outings support the idea that the state of "flow" can be consciously achieved.

True Gravitee uses an experiential learning framework. The idea of the spirit of adventure is captured in the nature of this golf experience. It assumes that each "player" will interpret the experience individually. The learning is drawn out through a facilitated debriefing period. Learning is derived through shared on course dialogue, silent reflection, and the challenges of playing the game differently. The post course Process session (suggested to occur over an evening dinner setting) makes the insights public.

True Gravitee Golf OutingTrue Gravitee is a learning experience that can focus on a variety of themes and topics. It supplements the usual "round" with a layer of learning that is guided by the use of signage on the course. The signs are a combination of inspirational quotes, tasks and/or questions for each 4-some to follow. It is important to process the learning after the round is over. The design is customized for each event. No two organizational cultures are quite the same, so True Gravitee is conceived as an experience that is unique and valuable for any set of participants.

To date, we have used True Gravitee as a alternative learning approach to the tired and familiar "scramble" event. If you are looking for something unique, done at a high level of quality and integrity, that has the potential to produce a new level of interaction for your meeting space then consider giving us a try this year for some of your meetings.
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