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We offer a variety of customized learning experiences. We continually add new lessons and knowledge into our work. Our approaches to learning leads teams to become more self-directed and self aware. Team members find themselves more willing to openly explore one another's insights, perceptions, and feedback.

Communication and cooperation improve. Collaborative learning enhances productivity.

The Proudman Group custom designs and delivers experience-based learning services to address specific client needs. We partner with our clients to create a meeting climate that creatively taps people's full potentials, opens them up to new possibilities and leaves them energized and renewed. Our goal is to add value for our clients using state of the art adult education tools and facilitation methods for small or large groups (8-500).

We are the preferred supplier of experience-based learning programs for the Kohler Experiential Learning Center.

Client Services Categories:

Networking - Relationship development services that are motivational, energizing, and build esprit de corps. Flexible in design, these sessions focus on building face to face relationships that create more effective utilization of your human capital. Well developed networks support fluid connections in organizations and with customers. These sessions help to break down barriers between people creating a more trusting and open work environment.

Enrichment - Our "Breaking Boundaries" programs are one-half day to multiple-day adventure experiences designed to build individual and team competence. Working in teams is required in today's organizations. Conflicts over mission, values, turf, resources and between egos can diminish the effectiveness of effort and drain valuable emotional energy and time from management. These programs provide frameworks for people to learn about communicating, risking, trusting, solving problems, leading/following, and team collaboration.

Intervention - Organization Development-Client Relationships are built upon assessments, comprehensive training strategies and commitment to continuous improvement over time.

Customized Learning Methods:

TEAMJAM® - A Team Learning Event
TeamJamAn innovation in organizational team building. TEAMJAM is a celebratory experience that embraces the concepts of change, growth, and learning for an organization. TEAMJAM is a custom-designed experiential learning event to practice teamwork skills in a multi-tasking environment. It combines the spirits of competition, collaboration and serious play producing an opportunity for participants to assert their team skills, interpersonal relations, problem solving and creative abilities while co-existing in both collaborative and competitive relationships. We liken it to the merging of a rock concert, a circus, a theatre performance and training seminar into one highly motivating and energizing event.

We will customize the TEAMJAM experience to integrate your key business (or meeting agenda topics) into cognitive and affective activities that produce relevant information the entire gathering will see and reflect on. We will integrate any relevant themes that will be present in your larger meeting agenda. The outputs produced through a TEAMJAM are targeted at your key issues you want people thinking and dialoging about.
Click here for more in-depth information on TEAMJAM. (548k PDF file)

Breaking Boundaries™
Breaking BoundariesBuild your human capital network, create team awareness and intelligence. Experiential teaming events using challenge initiatives and action/reflection processes of learning. Customized indoors or outdoors. Fully inclusive and highly interactive. Gets teams working on trust, communications, creativity, risk, support and recognition. Programs designed to meet client needs. Deliverable in any location.


The Team Art ProjectThe Team Art Project
Let your minds wander. TAP into your teams’ creative potentials using art as the process to explore themes of work/life balance, team cohesion, creative visioning or diversity. TPG and the John Michael Kohler Arts Center have partnered to produce TEAM ART Projects that invites participants to use their minds as artists to learn about their team.

True Gravitee® - A Contemplative Golf Outing
This is a different kind of corporate golf outing. Golf is a perfect metaphor for exploring our relationship to self, others, emotions, our visions and expectations as leaders. A contemplative golfing experience combines the spirit of adventure with an appreciation for the history and traditions of the game of golf for executive and team development and awareness. We custom design a 9 or 18 hole experience that creates a unique and fun learning adventure as a round of golf. No golf experience required.

Kohler Experiential Learning Center
High Ropes Course at the Kohler Experiential Learning Center For information about our outdoor programming options offered in collaboration with the Kohler Experiential Learning Center click here.
Outdoor Challenges
Low and High Challenge Course Experiences
Scavenger Hunts

Meeting Facilitation
We can facilitate meetings for a variety of business purposes: Personal and Team Development, Project Start-Ups, Energizers and Networking, Team Retreats. Meetings can be uninspiring or they can create energy and ideas that renew the spirit in an organization. Creative thinking, team development, new product development, futures planning, we facilitate for maximum participation and results. We specialize in using large system meeting processes such as Open-Space Technology. Through collaborations we can support the use of interactive technology in your meeting environment. We are members of the International Association for Facilitation.

Training in Facilitation and Experience-Based Learning Methodologies
Experience-Based LearningWe target HR departments with specialized facilitation training using our Experience-Based Learning Guide which Steve co-authored. We also sell portable initiative gear for team development purposes. Click on the above link for more information on these learning products.